Peer to Peer MLM


In our peer to peer donation script, the company distributes some amount from the activation and registration charges. Many net workers from India are also getting involved in such gift plans of foreign countries and earning well. Millions of people are getting more benefits from MLM strategy, this plan is known as donation plan or MLM donation plan.



Our peer to peer donation MLM script is based on the Matrix 2:1 concept and P2P MLM script is used for donation systems, gift plan and investment MLM concepts. P2P script is very simple and an effective method in MLM industry. Gift plan is also called as donation plan or money order plan in network marketing industry or MLM. Actually, this peer to peer MLM software is not just for MLM Plan but also for sending gifts to one member and receive gifts from multiple members and members can benefit with multiple receiptions of gifts from many members. Members can deposit money or gift directly to an additional member as per the name that is highlighted by the system. The company or admin has taken some indict or charge to run this operation for administrative expense.


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