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Blogs & Newsletters: Our advance business news includes the blogs which not only increase the views and content but also help to improve the Google listing as Google always looks forward for good content. Secondly, it also integrates the newsletters which helps maintain better relations with customers.



Responsive magazine WordPress theme is perfectly suitable for online magazine news portal especially designed for tech news. It can flexibly adapt to any other magazine portal with just slight modification in the menus and pages. It supports countless number of categories both generic (sports) as well as specific (cricket, football) etc.Magazine portal PHP script completely responsive design and is compatible with mobile devices. So users can easily check the content wherever they are as it is optimized for fast loading. The important feature is that it is compatible with all major browsers (IE 8+ , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome). Major advantage of our script is the in-built functionality ‘bbPress’ which allows users to ask and answer questions. Another default feature is that you can post your views, and view the random posts, recent posts, etc.


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